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A When updating some company data, the changes will be applied within 30 seconds. For example, after adding a new domain, requests from it will be resolved on the server within 30 seconds


A For active sessions (already loaded chat pages), the results of changing fast responses will be available within 20 seconds


A When creating a company, the current account is automatically attached to this company and no additional actions are required. In order to add another operator, you need:

  1. The operator must be registered in the service ( registration ) and have a verified account
  2. Indicate his email in the form of adding operators on the company page
  3. The operator must confirm your request on the page Settings-Operator Companies


A Category support will be enabled automatically when you add the first category, and off when you delete the last. Attention! When categories are enabled/disabled, all current operator assignments will be deleted


A In order to add a widget code on a site, you need to:

  1. Copy the code on the companies page (Widget-Code item in the menu)
  2. Paste the code in the head tag on the landing pages


A In order to properly set up a company after creation, it is necessary to perform several mandatory steps on the companies page :

  1. Add a domain on which the widget will be used
  2. Add supported languages ​​(and categories if necessary)
  3. Add Operators
  4. Specify the target languages ​​/ categories for the operators (in the Operators menu for each operator there is the Destination Management item)
  5. Add to widget to your website



  1. The operator can set the display name on the page Settings-Display name
  2. The operator can set the avatar on the page Settings-General


A To access fast responses:

  • For fast responses with the indicated nickname, enter the character '\' and start entering the nickname after it
  • For fast responses without the nickname you must enter the characters '\\' and start entering the text of the answer after it
After this, you will see a list with possible answers, you can select the one you need using the up and down arrow keys on the keyboard and select it by pressing Enter


A When updating the plan for paid operators, the payment period will be automatically recalculated (increased or decreased depending on the cost of the previous tariff). Attention! When switching to a free plan, the current payment periods for paid plans are canceled


A Offline form it's a form which will display when don't exist free operators and related option in a company settings is enabled. Visitors will be able to fill an email, a theme and a message, after it the data will sends to your email


A If you installed the widget code on the site or are on the Test Chat page and the widget does not appear, make sure that you have completed all the steps on setting up the company and you are currently online on the chat page. Also, the widget will not be displayed if there are no free operators for the current user language